Thursday, April 29, 2010

Lese Majeste report?

A few days ago I received the following twitter message:

jazzinchiangmaiRT@Nganadeeleg "pearls of wisdm frm X who failed 2 mention the pol. crisis, the gov, the milit or the killings" http://LMLINK Lese M Much?

I didn't pay much intention, but it has since been brought to my attention that it could be a threat to report me for LM.

If it was indeed a threat, or even an actual report to the LM police, I would like to bring the investigators attention to this thread on New Mandala where Nganadeeleg (= Hobby = Me) features more than a few times.
I recommend the investigators make that thread the starting point of your investigations against me, then work your way through this blog chronologically.
(blog archive is shown at the lower left portion of the front page)

Hope you find it amusing & like the music (and you might even learn some latin from the NM thread:)

I also recommend you read Giles latest post "It's about Democracy, stupid"

This blog (and I) remain open to alternative viewpoints - if anyone has differing conclusions to the ones I have so far reached, please post your comments which I am happy to take on board, based on the strength of your argument (as judged by ..... me:)

However, any argument that ignores or dismisses the military coup, and the obvious interference and double standard in Thailand, is unlikely to persuade me.
Likewise, an argument along the line that conditions are not right for elections within 3 months (for whatever reasons) is unlikely to be considered by me to have much merit, as I foresee the consequences of any alternatives as much worse - with the possible exception of a (fully inclusive) national unity government.

Bring it on! (where's Nick Cave & Chris Bailey when you need them?)


Ricefield Radio said...

Welcome to the world of intimidation and threats.

I had some threats a while back, see my blog for details.

My feeling is this type of person is shallow and spineless.

I'm still waiting for them to arrive. Or possibly they found out what I did and who I worked for from '68 to '72 and have revised their plans.

Hobby said...

Thanks Ricefield Radio. I liked your words of wisdom on your blog:
"I must have really hit a nerve with this intellectually sparse person for he does not have the capacity to think and bend in the wind of thought like bamboo does. Like thinkers do. He is rigid in his thought never varying from his safe ideas, never accepting that others may not agree, that others may have a point even if he does not agree with it. He uses intimidation to try and quell the thoughts of those he does not either have the capacity to argue his point with or the mental capacity to chew on the information. He only sees hate for what he feels is a threat to him, or his universe, or his comfort zone.
To you my friend I can only say that you need to open your mind to other ideas to stop trying to quell thought you don't agree with."

Sums up the Thai situation nicely too.