Monday, March 29, 2010

Day 2 roundup: Is he afraid or is he under orders?

Red's say 15 days, Abhisit says 9 months

Some will think the reds are unreasonable for not accepting Abhisit's timetable, but would you be so patient in their circumstances?

For all the talk, accusations, bluster & delaying, doesn't it all come down to one question:

Do you believe in democracy or not?

Democracy is not perfect, but is anyone aware of a better system?

Like it or not, Abhisit's legitimacy
IS in doubt - does anyone seriously dispute that?

No amount of smooth talking can get away from the fact that PM Abhisit is the illegitimate child of a military & judicial coup, but, there is a clear way for him to gain legitimacy, and remove once and for all any doubts.

To resolve the obvious doubt on his legitimacy, all he need do is ask the people decide, and he needs to do it as soon as possible for the sake of the country.

The current government has been in place since Dec08, another 15 days will make it nearly
500 days too many for anyone who truly believes in democracy - does Abhisit seriously expect those who have had their votes stolen to wait patiently for another 300 days?
How insensitive can he be to the spirit of democracy?

All his excuses about needing to manage the economy, amend the constitution etc, are just that:

Is more, or less, economic damage likely if things are left to continue to fester?

Minor coalition parties concerns about the constitution seem insignificant when the country is in such an stalemate, and anyway, it's the Reds parties that have been punished most under the current military imposed constitution, yet they appear to be prepared to go to an election EVEN with the current rules stacked against them!

We need to ask ourselves, why doesn't Abhisit want to prove his legitimacy?
Does he believe in democracy ot not?
Is he afraid, or is he under orders?


davidb98 said...

he is under orders...

the question is: can the redshirts escalate their control over the military?

the whole purpose of them winning the next elections will be to bring the military under control... otherwise why bother?

Hobby said...

Yes, what a breath of fresh air that would be for Thailand, but to have the military under the control of the people (via their properly elected representatives) seems a far off dream.

A good start would be for you know who to delegitimize coups once and for all - do something truly worthwhile for his country before he pops off.

thaicapital said...

"Democracy is not perfect, but is anyone aware of a better system?

Like it or not, Abhisit's legitimacy IS in doubt - does anyone seriously dispute that?"

True it's not perfect but I think a better question is whether democracy is right for Thailand. With 18 military coups since 1932 history seems to suggest otherwise. I also noted in a survey recently of Asian democracy that only 15% of Thais believed that those with a poor education should be able to participate in an election. A survey by the Asian Foundation late last year highlighted a lack of trust among Thai people. A majority (62 percent) of the people surveyed said that most people cannot be trusted.

It's not surprising that both reds, yellows, democrats, opposition parties and the elite seem to have widely differing views of "their" version of democracy. Many Thais I know swear that Abhisit is the true PM because the democrats won the election last year if you base it on proportional representation!

Other ASEAN members seem to have a far more consistent view of both democracy and what constitutes economic progress - and are moving rapidly towards it. Even communist countries like Vietnam are growing faster than Thailand because of their stability and openness to foreign investment.

Thailand seems to view the whole world as a threat - it wants all the benefits of globalisation but cannot take the inevitable criticism that follows being a part of this community.

antipadshist said...

OF COURSE he is acting on orders, there is no any doubt !

"Suthep has drawn up a roadmap for the Abhisit government to dissolve Parliament in the nine-month timeframe. This is the most the Democrats can offer at this juncture. "

I bet that it was all decided ahead of even idea to hold a so called "negotiations" (which are actually a PR stunt and a bluff attempt to convince UDD to accept Suthep's 9 month plan.)

also read all the "concerns" by Korn, BOT, TCC, bankers etc (see business section on Nation) - it is pretty clear that "negotiations" are nothing more than whole elaborate show, but all those who "order the music" (banksters, elite, Amart) are keen to keep the status quo as long as possible, or at least till all the money are SHARED !

thus this "9 months" non-negotiable condition in the so called "negotiations"

dice's been cast & game is rigged LONG TIME AGO