Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Bloody Thailand - Exit Strategy/Tactical Retreat

Message to red protestors:

To continue now means adopting PAD type escalation tactics aimed to provoke, but you do not have the 'protection' from above that your yellow counterparts have.
Their treatment was an aberration in Thailand, you will not be treated so kindly, and you can expect the typical iron fist, not the kid gloves with which they were dealt - please save your blood for another day.

It's time to go home - you have already proven Abhisit is still afraid of elections, and prefers your blood over going to the people to test if he can truly be a legitimate PM.

Continue raising issues of double standard in the country, don't put all your faith in any leader, and try to to listen to, and understand the concerns of those who see things differently than you do.


I'm pleased they didn't go home before Saturday's wonderful convoy through the streets of Bangkok - and I admit I'm a poor tactician:)



StanG said...

Are you going to post an entry on the Economist to get started?

Hobby said...

No real need for me to do a blog post as better bloggers than me have already tackled it (and for the other reasons I explained in my comment on your blog:)

We already discussed my broad thoughts which can be summarised as follows:
Re Coups, LM, Da, Suwicha etc:
- weak, or part of it
Re Thailand's situation:
- the rot starts more at the top than the bottom

john francis lee said...

Did you get a lot of hits from Red Shirts desperately seeking sage farang advice, Hobby?

Hobby said...

About the same number of hits I got when I was giving Surayud, Samak, Somchai & Abhisit advice - (this mess would have been sorted long ago, if only they heeded my words of wisdom:)

Hobby said...

From today's Krishnamurti quote:
"The sacrificing of the present for the future is the insanity of those who are power-mad; and power is evil, These take to themselves the right of human direction; they are the new priests. Means and end are not separate, they are a joint phenomenon; the means create the end. Through violence there can never be peace; a police State cannot produce a peaceful citizen; through compulsion, freedom cannot be achieved. A classless society cannot be established if the party is all-powerful, it can never be the outcome of dictatorship. All this is obvious."

Anonymous said...

I just found this article is very interesting pls go here:

Hobby said...

Interesting - I think more emphasis should be placed on the way democracy has never been allowed to develop because military coups have been approved rather than discouraged, the way some are 'rewarded' with positions on the PC when their records are less than honorable, and how the silence on the LM jailings can only be interpreted as acceptance of such draconian measures.

Regarding the massive wealth, if its state wealth I have no real objection, but on the other hand, if its private wealth then I agree its rather obscene.

Hobby said...

and I should add that in the past there were arguable reasons why the above positions were taken, but that is no longer the case, and what should be a magnificent legacy is being spoiled by the reluctance, or inability, to let the 'children' develop.

monkey said...

do you think that the UDD are making a grave mistake in parading PT and banned TRT politicians during their protests? Any slip up in their tactical maneuvers would surely cripple the opposition party. With the MSM backing the government the UDD would be easily demonized and any politicians could then become a target for the press. The democrats (with a few exceptions) did keep their distance from the PAD's protests. I guess the action of denouncing violence and to separate from live fuzes could give the politicians some credibility but with the situation so fragile, (especially in this heat and the residents likely to start getting frustrated) the UDD are playing a dangerous game. ESPECIALLY when their tactics blatantly involve propaganda that is raising the emotions of the reds to boiling point.

sorry i haven't read any of your posts, just this one, but the past is the past so it doesn't interest me.

hobby said...

Not sure about tactics as my western mind cannot see things the way a Thai would.

I don't care about any particular politician (they all disappoint me), but what I do care about is having a fair system - that is what Thailand is desperately lacking.

Many blame corrupt politicians, local warlords etc for the sorry state of Thai politics, others blame the military, but IMO the rot starts with the system, and the culture of relying on some supreme leader, or god/spirit to steer the country & people out of danger.

The people themselves need to be accountable for their actions, but that cannot happen under the current system - and unfortunately I cannot see it getting any better until it is possible to discuss the 'system' in honest terms without the risk of being jailed.